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Brexit – the shape and size of the iceberg becomes clear

In all the confusions and spin about the UK’s Brexit vote there was one obvious casualty – the facts. Sadly, the media (including the farming media) made little or no contribution to an informed and numerate description of what would be implied in the UK’s exit from the EU. This matters. It’s as if the crew of the Titanic were shouting to the passengers, “we know there is an iceberg there but we don’t think it is, “…very big/in our path/we can steer round it. You can rest safely in your cabins and/or order another drink from the bar.” Indeed. that is still the message from many Brexiteers.

I can accept that explaining the complexities of an EU exit (Brexit) is not easy – and I say that as someone with a PhD (majoring in international trade theory). But Continue reading